Signum Artis Nobiscum



KBA Rapida 162-a-4 and 162-a-5 120x160

These two machines, together with the Rapida 105, are connected to the control panel Densitronic S, a densitometer which scans the page for the control of the printing parameters during the launch and process of the circulation

KBA Rapida 162-a Convertible 120x160

Offset machine able to automatically convert the paper sheets: it can print 4 colours or otherwise, 2 in white and 2 colours a time in one single process

KBA Rapida 105 70x100

Offset machine equipped with a double circuit varnishing tower for UV or water varnishes, extended AC/IR/UV oven and a printing system for traditional or hybrid inks

MAN Ultra IV 100x140

Offset machine; it can print black front and reverse in one single process